Hermosa Tours Turkey Booking Terms and Conditions

Tour Prices : are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, prices, taxes, levies, and exchange rates as at 25 July 2016. Should the total price increase by more than 10%, passengers will have the right to cancel their tour within 7 days of notification of the surcharge without penalty. No surcharges in respect of cost or currency fluctuations will be made once payment for the deposit of your land tour is received. This does not apply to fuel surcharges and any taxes, charges or levies imposed by any Government or their agencies.

Children Policy : Children 5-12 years of age (at start of tour) must share a room with two adults (adults pay appropriate twin room rate). Please see itinerary of your choice for the discount per child, (LAND only). In most tours children traveling with two full-paying adults have discount based on their age (from 0-6 years = free, 7-12 years – 50% of the appropriate rate. Certain exclusions may apply to this discount.

Tour Participation : Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Passengers with disabilities are welcome on Hermosa Tours Turkey’ tours providing they are accompanied by an able-bodied companion and do not require special assistance from Hermosa Tours Turkey personnel. Hermosa Tours Turkey reserves the right to refuse to carry anyone if it is felt the individual cannot cope with the requirements of coach tour travel and who may require services and facilities that Hermosa Tours Turkey cannot guarantee will be available. You agree to not hold Hermosa Tours Turkey responsible for any decision made by them or any other provider to refuse to carry you, provide facilities or accommodation to you or to provide any service to you.

Itinerary Variations : Hermosa Tours Turkey constantly strives to improve tour itineraries and features. If such improvements can be made, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary – we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels. At certain peak periods duplicate departures may operate, and sometimes in reserve order in which case hotels may vary from those stated on the itinerary.

Tour Cancellation : Hermosa Tours Turkey reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.

Hermosa Tours Turkey is not responsible for any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations.

Airfares to and from your country, except where specified, airport taxes, passport and visa fees, insurance of all kinds, laundry, phone calls, beverages, meals not detailed in the itinerary, tips to Tour Directors, motor-coach drivers, items of personal nature, excess baggage, optional excursions etc. The tour price also does not cover costs and expenses, including the return to your home, if you leave the tour at your volition, or due to illness, or as a consequence of official action by the government of any country visited.

Deposit : 10% per person or 100TL per person - whichever amount is the greater.

Final Payment : At least 60 days prior to tour departure date

Your Land reservation will be confirmed on receipt of deposit which must be within 10 DAYS of booking or the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Payment in full is required at time of booking for reservations made less than 60 days before tour departure.

Hermosa Tours Turkey reserves the right to cancel the reservation and impose cancellation charges should payments not be received within the above specified periods.

Tours with any air flights included in the price must be paid in full 60 DAYS before the tour departs.

You will have the option to pay by either credit card or electronic funds transfer.

All credit card payments will be charged in Turkish Lira (TRY). If a currency conversion is required, the Turkish Central Bank exchange rate for that day will be used to make the conversion. Exchange rates can be viewed at: www.tcmb.gov.tr. It is your responsibility to discuss with your bank which payment option best suits your individual circumstances.

You are responsible for identifying in advance any relevant bank and / or currency conversion fees that will apply to your payment.

Your agents will, on the receipt of any monies, hold such monies for each and every person named in the booking until the booking is confirmed at which times those monies will be remitted promptly by your agent to Hermosa Tours Turkey. All such monies received by Hermosa Tours Turkey will be deposited as required by law. We will be entitled to keep for each account any interest earned on such monies. It is a condition of our confirmation of your booking and acceptance of your deposit in respect of your tour, that all monies paid by you to us, whether by way of deposit or otherwise in respect of your tour, may be disbursed by us as and when we see fit or in respect of the services to be provided or fees payable under the tour programme, and the payment of a deposit or otherwise for your tour, will be deemed to be a discretion to disburse such monies as aforesaid.

Travel documents and instructions for joining your tour, will be sent or delivered to you depending on your location, approximately 21 days prior to tour departure (providing full payment has been received). If you are leaving home earlier, please notify us so that we can forward your tour documents in good time.


Booking Changes : A fee of 100TL per person will be charged for any revision or alteration made to a reservation after the booking is confirmed unless the change is to a more expensive tour.

Cancellation and Cancellation Fees : Notice of cancellation must be made in writing either directly to Hermosa Tours Turkey or through your Agent.The following scale of charges will apply when notice of cancellation is given within 56 days of tour commencement date.

No of days before tour commencement --- Cancellation fee as % of total price

0-13 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------100%
14-27 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------70%
28-44 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------65%
45-55 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------40%
56 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Deposit

Gulet Cruises And Balloon Tours
Gulet cruises and hot air balloon tours are special cases with regard to cancellation fees - if the departure date of a gulet cruise or hot air balloon tour is changed within 72 hours of departure by our service provider, you will be given the option to accept the alternative date or a product of comparable value or upgrade to another tour. If a suitable alternative cannot found, then a full refund of the gulet or hot air balloon fees paid will made by Hermosa Tours Turkey.
These cancellation fees are in addition to any cancellation fees that may be levied by your Travel Agent.

Illness or Absenteeism : In the event of your withdrawal from a tour after commencement for reasons of illness, you must obtain a medical certificate in support of any insurance claim. We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from a tour, including but not limited to missed meals or sightseeing. Hermosa Tours Turkey makes no representation or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claim.

Airlines And Airfares : Airfares are subject to change at any time. Changes to flight itineraries and name changes may result in penalties charged by the Airline concerned and passed on to the passenger.

GHT Turizm ve Seyahat Acenteligi Hizmetleri Ltd Sti (Gokpinar VD: 395 086 0284) trading as Hermosa Tours Turkey, referred to as the Operators, are the agents for other international providers, who have empowered the Operators on its behalf to undertake the following duties:

The Operators shall be responsible to the passengers for supplying the services and accommodations described, except where such services cannot be supplied or the itinerary used is changed due to delays or other causes of whatever kind or nature beyond the control of the Operators. In such circumstances, the Operators will do their best to supply comparable services, accommodations and itineraries and there shall be no refund in this connection.

These conditions represent the entire agreement between the passenger and the abovementioned Operators.

In the absence of their own negligence, neither the Operators nor their agents or co-operating organizations shall be responsible for any cancellations or for acts of any other service providers concerned, diversions or substitution of equipment of any act, variations, postponements, omission or default whatsoever by air carriers, land carriers, hoteliers or hotels, transportation companies, or any other persons providing any of the services and accommodations to passengers including any results thereof, such as changes in services, accommodations or facilities necessitated by same. Nor shall they be liable for any loss or damage to baggage or property, or for injury, illness of death, or for any damages or claims whatsoever arising from loss, negligence or delay from the act, error, omission default or negligence of any person not their direct employee or under their exclusive control, including any act, error, omission, default, or negligence of any country, government or governmental authority, officer or employee. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances at the risk of the tour participant. Baggage insurance is recommended. The carriers, hotels and other suppliers who provide services on tour are independent contractors; they are not agents, employees or servants of the Operators or their associated companies. The Operators are not responsible for any criminal conduct by third parties.

Where the passenger occupies a motor-coach seat fitted with a safety belt, neither the Operators nor their agents or co-operating organizations or service providers concerned will be liable for any injury, illness or death or for any loss or damages or claims whatsoever arising from any accident or incident, if the safety belt is not being worn at the time of such accident or incident.

Transportation companies, airlines etc. are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board planes, transportation or conveyances. The passenger contracts in use by the airlines or transportation companies when used shall constitute the sole contract between the airline, transportation company and passenger or purchaser of this tour and the Operators assume no responsibility in this connection. Enrolment in and payment for a tour shall constitute agreement and acceptance by the passenger of the terms and conditions set forth in this web page which cannot be varied except in writing by an officer of the Company.

GHT Turizm trading as Hermosa Tours Turkey is only responsible for the services it provides. It does not accept any responsibility or liability for any of the acts, omissions or defaults, whether negligent or otherwise, of its principal companies, or any of the companies of the GHT Turizm group of companies.

Every effort is made to ensure web site accuracy at the time of going to world wide web; however Hermosa Tours Turkey cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, or any errors in its text, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.

The nominated and featured airline(s) does not by virtue of its endorsement of this web site represent itself either as contracting with any purchaser of a holiday from Hermosa Tours Turkey or as having any other legal relationship with any such purchaser.

All bookings made with any provider of any transport, facilities, meals, other goods of any service are subject to terms and conditions imposed by them in relation to matters not covered particularly and expressly by our agreement with any of the abovementioned two Operators in the GHT Turizm group of companies.

If you decide that you do not want to visit a country or part of a country you intended to visit because of any law, condition or requirement of any government or governmental authority, official, servant or agent, you are responsible for any costs, expenses, charges, fees, losses or damage incurred as a consequence and any cancellation or amendment fees.

None of the companies in the GHT Turizm group of companies, or any of their servants or agents, accept any responsibility or liability for your acts, omissions, defaults, conduct, state of health, condition or circumstances.

It is your responsibility to comply with the terms, conditions or requirements of any service provider, or any country or governmental authorities, or to bear any costs or losses incurred as a consequence of you not complying with them.

The person effecting your booking shall be deemed to have accepted the booking conditions.